Border School Protects Immigrant Students

Eloisa Solis | Photo Credit Fox News There is a school less than one-hour north of the border which has just passed a policy to give undocumented students the same benefits as citizens, which means “access to education and protection for immigrant students.”

“Schools are sanctuaries for children,” said Eloisa Solis, the Principal at Central Elementary. This means employees can no longer inquire information about a student’s immigration status, but it also means these students can receive free meals, transportation and health care from the school nurse.

Students and parents believe their district to be “progressive.”

New Mexico School District Creates Immigrant Sanctuary

Fox News reports:

“The resolution is inspired by a February ICE raid. The next day, there was a sixty percent increase in absences across the district because many immigrant families were concerned ICE might confront them when they left the school.”

“The board was also concerned by what they called scary and threatening language from the Trump administration. Teachers and parents are in favor of the policy. They believe undocumented immigrant students benefit the classroom.”

ICE Raids In Las Cruces

Photo Credit:

The El Paso Times reports:

“The federal agency’s spokeswoman in El Paso, Leticia Zamarripa, said additional resources and personnel were used during the enforcement operation. She said the operation was conducted “to apprehend deportable foreign nationals.” She did not confirm the location or provide further details of the operation or say whether more were planned in the future.”

“ICE will not confirm an operation prior to its completion, nor will ICE speculate on future operational activities,” she said. According to Channel 7-KVIA, the operation was reported on Doña Ana Road, in the northwest part of Las Cruces. Zamarripa said the operation was no different than what already is routine.”

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