Washington elites are spending big, and taxpayers are footing the bill. Wasteful government spending is the hallmark sign of D.C. corruption.

Now, Donald Trump is cleaning the plates of those “forking-out” the dough–starting with Boeing.

The Sky High Boeing Price Tag

Source Credit: Boeing.comSource Credit: Boeing.com

Commercial aircraft manufacturer Boeing, is contracted to build two new planes that will serve as Air Force One. The price tag for development and research is $170 million. The cost to build the planes? $3.2 billion.

The planes are scheduled for operation in 2024, when the existing Air Force One planes are 34 years old. But, Donald Trump isn’t buying the outrageous cost of these new aircraft. He’s trying to protect hard-working Americans from paying an exorbitant tab.

Keeping His Promise

Cancel the order! President-elect Trump’s latest tweet shows he is not messing around. Speaking with NBC’s Matt Lauer, the businessman stated, “The planes are too expensive, and we’re going to get the prices down. If we don’t get the prices down, we’re not going to order them, and we’re going to stay with what he have.”

Mainstream media would have you believe Trump is against corporate America. Headlines are accusing Trump of being mad over Boeing’s comments in a Chicago Tribune story. In reality, he isn’t against corporate America. After all, he did help build it.

Trump isn’t angry with Boeing, but he is upset over its excessive price tags. He is not deliberately tanking Boeing stock prices–he is keeping promises.

Promises to the people who are trusting him with their money.

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

For eight long years, hard-working Americans watched the D.C. establishment foolishly waste their money. As of fiscal year 2017, the federal deficit is $441 billion. Sadly, America has nothing to show for it.

Veterans have no access to quality services. Healthcare costs are soaring. The defense budget is shrinking by the minute. Crime is up. Substance abuse and mental health problems are ravaging families and communities. Infrastructure is collapsing.

There are many real problems that need attention. New airplanes are not one of them. America is drowning economically, and Trump is throwing out a rope.

He is not suggesting that Boeing shouldn’t turn a profit. He is also not positing that government shouldn’t spend money.

What he is saying is that it is time for smart and prudent business. We cannot spend what we do not have. Money must be spent wisely. Anything else is a fool’s errand.

Investing in The Future

Source Credit: MarketWatch.comSource Credit: MarketWatch.com

Citizens can no longer afford business deals lining the pockets of corporate moguls at the people’s expense. Our nation cannot sustain itself under the weight of poor spending habits.

President-elect Trump’s wise fiscal decisions are an investment in America’s future. He offers our nation an opportunity to build a “rainy day” fund. A savings account allowing peace of mind to replace years of fear and anxiety.

Finally, our money will be well spent. What will make America great again, is a return to good, common sense leadership. Thankfully, Trump is stepping up to the job. 

How do you feel about Trump’s reaction to Boeing’s price tag? Let us know in the comments.

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