This Muslim’s Few Chilling Words Reveal All We Need To Know About Islam…

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Is it possible to coexist with people whose values stand in direct contradiction of your own? What if those values were not just questionable, but also morally reprehensible? These are the questions people must ask themselves when navigating the complexities of radical Islam. A religion that, according to a Muslim lawyer, condones raping women.

Nabih al-Wahsh, an attorney in Egypt, recently said that it was the “national duty” of Muslim men to rape women. More specifically, he alleges that women wearing shorts or ripped jeans are deserving of sexual assault. His comments sparked global outrage and drew the much-deserved ire of the Egyptian National Council for Women.

However, Nabih’s remarks didn’t capture the attention of  American feminists.

Is that because they don’t view him as an immediate threat? Or could it be that these so-called “champions” for women’s rights, simply don’t care? We’ll take door number two. What other reason could there be for liberals like Madonna, Ashley Judd, and Linda Sarsour to stay silent on this problem?

And, it is a problem. Not just for women in the Middle East or Europe, but for women in America too. Muslim men hearken to the voices of their leaders, like lambs to the slaughter. With the possibility of Islam being the dominant “religion” in the West by 2070, beliefs like Nabih’s aren’t irrelevant. Not to conservatives, at least.

The Cost of Silence

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The same, however, can’t be said for progressives. Cloaking themselves in the veil of ignorance exempts them from acknowledging the real threats to women. This is the “Weinstein effect,” elevated to the tenth degree.

Tolerating or coexisting with Machiavellian savagery should not be considered by a civilized society. After all, oppressing and raping women, Sharia Law, and the murder of infidels are not Islamic catch-phrases. It is a way of life that is both antiquated and dangerous. The proverbial “fox in the hen house” if you will.

At the very least, Nabih’s words should serve as a warning. Not just to women, but to the men who love them as well. America is already under siege by radical Islamic terrorists. Labeling their behavior as normal for the sake of acceptance invites their strikes. And they will come as swiftly as a rattlesnake’s bite with venom that is, inevitably, fatal.