4Daryl Wants Revenge On Negan

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After the death of Fat Joey during Daryl’s escape last season, it’s obvious Daryl Dixon is no longer in a free-loving, help everybody kind of mood.

Well, it just got real… 

For those fans that were frustrated in Daryl’s containment last season, which included the character being tortured and fed dog food, it looks like this submissive nature is no more.

It’s almost a waste to see a character as iconic as Daryl Dixon trapped in a jail cell. It means viewers do not get to see him hunting, tracking, shooting, or even saving his fellow men. Despite this long-winded period of eight episodes to showcase Daryl’s weaknesses, it’s looking like he’s back for good.

Norman Reedus told Entertainment Weekly that Daryl wants revenge…

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  • rie

    what take a shower

  • Toby Lynn Bell

    I don’t believe Daryl ever looked weak. Human and normal when he grieved the loss of his friends. But tough and stalwart in captivity. Like a caged leopard, biding his time til he could get out. And man enough to take the torture to spare his friends.
    It’s Eugene I’m worried about. He’s shown some growth and strength but he’s not a tough guy. And he’s still hurting over Abraham. He was prepared to sacrifice himself in the RV to get Maggie to hilltop, greater good. Not Abraham his friend and protector.
    Also, am I the only one who feels Sasha’s tragedy is greater then Maggie? Maggie at least had a few years with Glenn, and her father married them, and he came back to her twice, despite all odds. Plus she has the baby to remember him by and will see him in that child.
    But Sasha lost: friends, bob, Tyrese, her mind and her sense of self. Finally got herself together, then on the day he died, she and Abraham agreed to settle down together and start a family. So sad

    • peanutlee33

      Know you’re not alone regarding Sasha and Abraham. I was almost heartbroken to say goodbye to Abe as he and Sasha we’re only beginning. It was very unfair and another slam to Sasha… she has been so unlucky in the love Department.

  • CAF

    Best show on television! I love Daryl and Rick, I love reading all the spoilers, people have said stuff about the graffic violence or whatever but it is a Zombie show. I wouldn’t want them to change a thing about the show.

  • Sally A Johnson

    Love the Walking Dead show can’t wait for season seven to start back up on February 12! Kick some ass Daryl and Rick and the rest of their family too!

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