Looks Like Bernie Sanders Has Some Explaining To Do-FBI Is Investigating…


Jane O’Meara Sanders

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Bernie “Socialist” Sanders has done an awful lot of complaining about rich people, capitalism, Hillary, and President Trump. He has stood tall on his Marxist pedestal lecturing the world on the evils of money and of course, the high cost of a college education. So, it seems like much more than simple irony to find out his wife, the former president of Burlington College, is being investigated for bank fraud.

Vermont Independent reported:

The investigation appears to stem from a January 2016 complaint filed by Vermont Republican Party vice chair Brady Toensing on behalf of Catholic parishioner Wendy Wilton, a conservative activist, and Rutland City treasurer. Toensing alleged that O’Meara Sanders committed federal loan fraud by inflating the number of fundraising commitments she had secured to buy the 32-acre North Avenue campus from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington. When those donations failed to materialize, the college defaulted on its loans — costing the church, which financed a portion of the sale, between $1.6 million and $2 million.

The FBI probe is currently focusing on whether Mrs. Sanders falsified records, and colluded with the bank to obtain a fraudulent loan. Many have asserted that it was Sanders poor management that led to the college…

Filing for Bankruptcy

Photo credit: youtube.com

Sanders served as Burlington College’s president from 2004 until she resigned in 2011. She left the organization after failing to come to an agreement with the board of trustees over the future of the school. Behind closed-doors, several of the board members questioned her fundraising abilities and leadership skills.

Oddly enough, there were only 200 students at Burlington College during Sanders’ tenure, yet she received a whopping $165,000 a year as head of the quirky school. I guess that explains how Bernie can live such a “social activist” lifestyle and manage to own three fancy homes, right? Burlington closed its doors last May, after failing to meet financial obligations.

In true liberal fashion, Sanders has denied any wrongdoing. Also, Bernie’s former campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, blamed “Republican operatives” for the investigation and alleged that the FBI hadn’t contacted Mrs. Sanders about it all. Authorities handling the case, have issued federal grand jury subpoenas to secure records relevant to the investigation.




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