Las Vegas Coroner Refuses to Release The Stephen Paddock Autopsy


Disturbing new details about the Las Vegas shooting quietly emerged last week and barely anyone noticed. With all eyes on the FBI over the FISA memo, the last thing the agency wants is another scandal. However, this new information could create more problems for the bureau.

Last October, Stephen Paddock opened fire on concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. From his room at the Mandalay Resort and Casino, he murdered 58 people and wounded more than 700 others.

Since that time, FBI investigators and Las Vegas police have learned little about Paddock’s motive. In December, bureau officials announced that their final report on the nation’s deadliest shooting would likely not be released for a year.  

One month later, unsealed Nevada court records revealed a second person of interest in the case. The records listed a man named Douglas Haig, along with Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley, as potential accomplices. The documents noted that the FBI cleared Danley, but they made no such inference about Haig.

Federal authorities issued a warrant for Haig February 2, on charges of “manufacturing and selling armor-piercing bullets in violation of federal law.” He sold Paddock 720 rounds of ammunition

The Autopsy

Coroner John Fudenberg
Clark County Nevada Medical Examiner John Fudenberg is refusing to release final autopsy on Stephen Paddock. | Photo credit Las Vegas Review-Journal

Complicating matters further, Clark County coroner John Fudenberg is refusing to release Paddock’s autopsy. The Las Vegas Review-Journal has kept close tabs on the investigation and they sued for access to the autopsy findings. Initially, the coroner claimed the report was not complete.

Interestingly, a preliminary report noted injuries to Paddock’s calves, face, and upper teeth consistent with law enforcement reports. Although relatively scant on detail, the report concluded that an “internal gunshot wound” caused Paddock’s death.

The medical examiner listed his manner of death as suicide.

Speaking to the Daily Caller, veteran police officer and security expert Wayne Black said what stands out most is that important details are missing. “This is probably one of the most significant medical examiner’s investigations of the year,” said Black.

Because of Fudenberg’s lack of cooperation, the newspaper took their fight to the court. District Court Judge Timothy Williams subsequently ordered him to release Paddock’s full autopsy immediately.

Fudenberg has yet to comply with the judge’s order, citing the need to “confer with his colleagues.”