Oh, Jeff Sessions. Some of us were so happy to have a true conservative taking over the DOJ. However, you’ve kinda sorta disappeared. 

Since Sessions’ recusal over the Russian matters, he’s been MIA, so to speak. Not a lot of talk about him, not a lot of press. But, earlier tonight a few readers of the popular cryptic site Qanon think that Sessions is about to be “activated”.

“Activated”, because according to “Q” (007-like, isn’t it?), Sessions is filing to un-recuse himself from the Russia-Mueller matters. There’s also talk of “RR”, Rod Rosenstein, trying to get meetings with President Trump, only to be turned down. Apparently avid Qanon followers and decoders believe the Rosenstein’s days are numbered (sorry, not sorry RR), and that with Sessions coming back onboard the Russia-Mueller matter, everything will end with Mueller’s team finding zilch.

Which is basically what they’ve already done.

Also according to Qanon, Loretta Lynch is talking. THAT, my friends, would be huge news! You remember her… the fine AG who met with Bill Clinton between flights to talk about their grandchildren. Sure. Okay. Whatever, lady. 

It’ll be interesting the rest of this week, as well as early next week, to see what else happens – and to see if these Qanon “leaks” are legit. 

Do you follow Qanon? Do you think there’s any truth to it? 

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