Mark Zuckerberg Meets With Trump Supporters

Mark Zuckerberg | Photo Credit Today Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg just took a few photos at a Ford assembly line and now he’s headed to a Swing state to meet with a family of Democrats who voted Trump. Many believe the social media founder of Facebook may be considering the 2020 presidency.

Zuckerberg is posting photos as he visits all fifty states to meet with those who voted for President Trump. In addition to these photo opportunities, he has also hired former Obama campaign manager, David Plouffe.

Since most CEOs avoid government service talk, seeing as it can turn off shareholders, it certainly looks like he’s shooting for a political run in the future.

Facebook CEO Meets With Ford Workers, Detroit

Mark Zuckerberg | Photo Credit Facebook

Fox News reports:

“Is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg moving toward a presidential run? The speculation has ramped up in recent days after Zuckerberg’s recent stops in Michigan and Ohio. He stopped at a Ford plant near Detroit on Thursday, where he learned about the assembly of the Ford F-150 pickup.”

On the CEO’s Facebook account, he wrote about his first time in Michigan, where he stopped at the Ford Rogue Plant outside Detroit. He took a few photos and helped assemble one of the new F-150s on the line.

Studying Your Opponent’s Campaign Trail

President Trump | Photo Credit Associated Press

Mark Zuckerberg wrote:

“I played a very small part in assembling some new Ford F-150s on the line by adding antennas, cleats and drilling screws. I even signed the inspection sticker on one. You’re welcome, future F-150 owner. But the most interesting part was sitting down with some of the people who do this every day.”

If there were only photos, one could argue that the CEO is simply trying to humble himself, becoming one of the “accidental billionaires” in recent times.

However, based on his various meetings with Trump supporters, it seems like he’s evaluating how a man outside of politics can become president so he can repeat the process.

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