It’s not a surprise that Crooked Hillary has relied heavily, if not extensively, on the woman card in this election. The feminist card is an easy one to play being that she is indeed a woman. Once we get past the fact that she’s biologically female, what has she done to benefit women beyond her efforts to impose a liberal agenda? Sure, she likes to say equal pay for woman everywhere. She pretends to be an advocate of ‘breaking” the glass ceiling. She also denounces the specter of unequal wages of women compared to men.

However, has she actually proposed any legislation or policies that will change that? Her campaign website, she wins|we win ‘a record-of-achievements’ touts Hillary’s efforts to expand PlannedParenthood; how her husband appointed Ruth Ginsburg in the 90s, and ‘supporting’ equal pay (which if you look closely, hasn’t meant doing much at all except for voting-for and not-against). It has also been many years since Hillary advocated for children. Surely, not much advocating has been done on their behalf since earning the moniker, Crooked Hillary. Someone should tell Clinton ‘supporting’ is quite different from taking initiative.

Donald Trump certainly has taken initiative. He has four children, two of which are flourishing young women. Ivanka Trump has been an active member of his campaign speaking on behalf of her father; she wishes to offer:

“new mothers six weeks of paid maternity leave, as well as tax deductions for stay-at-home parents. Not to mention a stimulus package to aid families and single moms that are struggling to make ends meet.”

As a new mom, Ivanka plans to take assertive action. She’ll work with her father to get things done. Things that actually help. It seems backwards that the United States severely lags behind all of the world’s industrialized countries in this arena. We are the only country that fails to offer federally mandated family leave. Where is Clinton on this sort of action?

Although the leftist media would like to paint Donald as a misogynist, his actions speak louder than his opponent’s words. His daughter is a clear testament to this, Ivanka Trump, one of the executive members who runs her father’s organization, is also a mother of three and the result of an upbringing that has yielded a woman who is respectful, poised, intelligent and proactive. She understands why women need maternity-leave, why they need action and why they need it now.

The proposals laid out by Ivanka and her father would help millions of families everywhere, in a way that is fast, efficient, and yields results. Helping single mothers who struggle to send their children to school, who have to balance working 3 jobs, or choose between staying at home and taking care of their children. Ask them if they have benefited from Clinton recently ‘supporting’ institutional Pre-Kindergarten across the US. As Trump stated “she’s the first woman candidate, but women don’t like Hillary.”

In addition to introducing new legislation to help women and their families, Trump and Pence have recently launched a Women’s Empowerment Tour. It is an initiative seeking to empower women no matter their creed, color or background. The movement aims to transcend these normally binding, superficial differences like race and social status and speaks to the heart of matters. For Trump, women are important. Women are integral. He knows how to prioritize women’s rights.

Ivanka addresses crowd at rally Ivanka addresses crowd at rally

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