Davidson-Trump-and-Muslims-2-1200x630-1449554422 Muslims across the country are worried if Trump wins.

Along with several other ethnic groups, whites included, they say it will be hard times for Muslims everywhere. Many have gone so far to declare they will move to Canada or other parts of the world if Trump wins. I personally don’t believe Trump has it out for Muslims, I believe he has it out for dangerous fanatics who would like to see the American flag burn along with the country.

From reading forums and comment boxes across the internet, many American’s say good, go ahead and leave if you don’t want to be here. My personal viewpoint is the same, if people can’t respect the elections of a democratic nation they live in where the people choose, they don’t need to be here. As much as I DO NOT WANT TO SEE HILLARY WIN, I would never turn my back on the United States if she did.

On the contrary, if Hillary were to win, I would work harder than ever to spread the word of truth across this great nation and give people hope it can still all change for the better.

People who so quickly turn their backs on the country they claim to love and have my way or the highway attitude can go ahead and take a hike on that highway as far as I’m concerned.

And before people go picking me apart for saying they can leave, let me tell you something. I’ve lived with people from every ethnic background. In no way am I judgmental because of race, creed, class or color. Anyone I know, regardless of where they’re from or what they believe in who says they’re out of here if an unless a specific candidate wins or not, can ride out on the horse they came in on as far as I’m concerned.

I say everyone needs to take a step back and cast their votes before making any brash decisions.

Trump is here for the country, he is not here for the sake of one individual to feel good about themselves and feel accepted.

There’s a bigger problem right now brewing in our midst and Trump is looking to weed out the ones who do now want to solve it. He’s looking for genuine supporters of this country with good ethics, right morals, and healthy values.

Fanatics are appreciated in this country by Donald Trump or anyone. And right now, the democratic attitude of our way is the only way has got to be set aside in order to come to some resolve. The bottom line, if people want to leave this country and find somewhere else to live, let them. That just means they have no real heart for this country anyway, because any real American I know would never turn his/her back on this country, it’s people or their duty to keep it as the best place to live on the planet.

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