One of Hillary’s senior staff members is now being charged with contempt for his refusal to show up in court and testify. Bryan Pagliano was Hillary’s lead email technician during her time as Secretary of State. For Two months in a row now, he’s refused to appear in court. Some speculated it’s because he doesn’t want the negative attention and has been given immunity by the FBI. Another possibility is he’s scared of what will happen if he testifies against Hillary.

Pagliano’s attorney claims he simply didn’t want the attention. That public scrutiny would be too much for him, so he reserved his right to the fifth amendment. Pagliano’s attorney said if he shows up in court, he will exercise his right to non-self-incrimination. Even though Pagliano has immunity, it’s very limited according to the FBI. He can still be charged with contempt and it’s up the entire House now as to whether or not that happens.

Brian Pagliano Refuses to Tesitfy

Also, if Pagliano lies on the stand to Congress, he will have an entirely new set of charges to face. Is he really trying to protect himself here, or is he protecting Hillary? And if he is protecting Hillary, what would make him do so to the point where he loses his own freedom. Is there something about the Democratic nominee we don’t know about? Regardless, another key witness confirmed that Pagliano was the lead member of the tech team, when it came to dealing with emails. He was apparently responsible for the entire server. He was employed at the State Department while helping Mrs. Clinton according to conservative reports.

bryan-paglianoPagliano had been given several warnings about what would happen if he didn’t show up in court. Regardless of threatened prosecution, he still refused to testify and is even fighting against it now. Now that he’s been held in contempt, he has to wait to see what the House decides. It will take the full house to make the charges stick. If people are allowed to come and decided as to whether or not they have to answer questions, the entire process of the Constitution would be under question. People can’t simply do as they please without having a negative effect on the entire system.

Are The Federal Court Systems Failing?

Some politicians feel the entire situation is a waste of time. It is tearing the committed apart, according to Del. Stacey Plaskett of the Virgin Islands. Another reason Pagliano may not be too worried about the contempt charge, is his doubtfulness in any of the courts actually enforcing the charges to the point of him being sentenced. He may not have any belief in the federal court systems and what they will actually do when times call for their decision.

If he is afraid of being sentenced, he’s definitely not showing it to anyone. With any luck, someone will get Pagliano talking. Because it sounds like he may be one person that can enough information to pull Hillary down off her pedestal and get pulled out of the political system for good. What a great day that would be, we’d all be seeing those shirts that say, “Hillary for prison, 2016.”

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