A white Ford Bronco fleeing from police, began what would be the most talked about murder case in modern history. That truck was driven by former NFL star turned actor, O. J. Simpson. While he was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown and her boyfriend Ron Goldman, his legal problems were far from over.

Now, fresh out of prison, Simpson is finding some bizarre ways to spend his time.

Under the cover of darkness, and with the help of decoys, Simpson walked-out of the Lovelock Correctional Facility just over a week ago. With his newfound freedom, he is enjoying McDonalds food, learning how to use an iPhone, and signing memorabilia on the Las Vegas strip. Simpson is also longing for some “companionship.”

Simpson is hoping to visit the infamous Bunny Ranch brothel. Not an altogether strange decision for a man who just spent nine years in prison, right? And yet, it is beyond strange in Simpson’s case. Especially so, given the fact that he wants to hook-up with a “look-a-like” of his dead wife.  

According to inside sources, a friend is making the special request for Simpson directly to Bunny Ranch owner, Dennis Hof. “Tom Scotto has called looking for a Nicole Brown look-a-like,” “Hof tells Radar Online. “We’re all going to get together and hang out and party a little bit and have some fun with some gorgeous company.”

Jumping Hurdles

O.J. SImpson_Denver BrocosPhoto credit | Bleacher Report

Unfortunately for Simpson, his sleazy post-prison plans may have to wait. While prostitution is legal in Nevada, it may not be legal for a convicted felon and parolee to partake of their services. “There are still a lot of moving parts,” says Hof. “It all depends on O.J.’s schedules and meetings with the parole officers.

Incidentally, after 20 years most Americans (across racial lines) believe that Simpson is guilty of the murders. A civil trial resulted in a similar conclusion in 1997 when jurors found him guilty in the deaths of Brown of Goldman. Simpson still owes the Goldman family more than $33 million in that case.

Since his release, Simpson has been living with a friend in a 5,000-square foot mansion in a gated golf club community. Initially, he was having trouble finding a place to live because nobody wanted the media circus that would inevitably come.

Or, maybe they were just afraid they would be murdered by a knife-wielding maniac.

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