Hillary had voter troubles in Ohio recently. While on campaign in Toledo Ohio, Hillary was hit with the hard truth. Many women in Ohio will not be voting for the female nominee. According to another article, Ohio’s Women voters are not that comfortable with putting a woman in office. Some even went so far as to say that they simply would not vote.

Turns out, many of female voters in Ohio are frustrated with Hillary and having only one male choice. Even voters who did not agree with Trump completely said they would rather vote for him, declaring that if Hillary wins the country will remain the same as it has throughout the Obama administration.

Clinton is in the running for being the first female president in history. But she’s made such a name for herself with the continuous scandals that many people simply don’t trust her. Even long time Democrats are deciding to vote for Trump, rather than see Hillary get a chance in the Oval Office. The hesitation to vote for her is not just with female voters in Ohio. The decision to vote Trump in 2016 is with nearly half of the population. And the numbers are growing. Ohio is one of the key states to win. And now that the Clinton campaign has been rejected their, things may be changing for Clinton.

More Female Voters in Ohio are frustrated with Hillary the Trump

Especially when it comes down to women voters choosing Trump over Hillary. That’s likely not something she saw coming. Without the support of female voters, Hillary is going to have a hard time with the win. I think what Clinton missed is the intelligence of American women. They’re way beyond voting for a nominee just because their sex or skin color. And that’s even more so when the nominee has so many accusations against her like Hillary.

Hillary is also struggling with the younger crowd of voters as well. People are not resonating with her tactics of attempting to persuade people to vote for her. It’s an obvious method that most people will not fall for and actually is very unattractive. In order to win, specifically with white female voters, Hillary has to be strong and lik-able also. 

Hillary Has Problem With Women of OhioAnd as for how that’s gone, well she’s not really like-able. She’s too busy bashing the American people every chance she gets to be like-able. And lying about incidents like Benghazi shows weakness. So as far as many people are concerned, that’s enough to disqualify her from being allowed to run this country.

Democrats are Angry with Hillary Too

Also, many Democrats cannot relate to their own party. America is continually seeing lifelong Democrats switch to the conservative party. People are just plain out sick and tired of being lied too. And they know, if Hillary wins the elections, it’s going to be another four to eight years of solid lies and scandals.

Plus, with her failing health, many people are starting to question whether or not she has the ability to be president in the first place. It looks like the odds are starting to stack against Hillary. Let’s hope the rest of the country wakes up to her sick truth, and votes Trump in office. Maybe then we can see some long overdue changes happen in this country.

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