Defying Liberalism

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Liberalism has been redefined since the election of Donald Trump. Rights like freedom of speech and freedom of expression have come to mean something entirely different to leftist protesters. Instead of being creative with their words and ideas, they have chosen to be violent and divisive. 

In the mind of the conservative artist, Sabo, leftism has degraded into a mental disorder. The former marine, if there is such a thing, works from his apartment studio in Los Angeles and is doing his level-best to counter what he calls the “guerrilla art” of the left. When night falls, Sabo covers LA with artwork that targets liberals whom he said snub “western values.”

Sabo also sells t-shirts, posters, and pins with his anti-leftism slogans from his website and at Republican gatherings throughout the U.S. In an interview at this home, the 49-year old said “I think leftism is a mental disorder. I really believe I am fighting the good fight.” After decades of being an artist, his work is finally paying off.

In many circles, Sabo is heralded as the “resistance to the resistance.” He’s made appearances on Fox News and been featured in several stories published by Breitbart and The Blaze. “Republicans are the new punk,” said Sabo, echoing a slogan on his T-shirt adorned with an image of Trump in a three-piece suit, giving the finger. “I’m pretty much the only right-winger doing this. I’m like patient zero, the first one doing this on our side.”

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Sabo is also not shy about promoting his work. As the lone voice standing-up to celebrities like Madonna, Katy Perry and other anti-Trump artists, Sabo feels compelled to spread a different message. “I cater to the street urchins, the young people. I want them to understand that there’s another message out there,” said Sabo.

Needless to say, critics aren’t fond of Sabo’s work, calling it crude, bigoted, racist, and misogynistic. Funny, they never seem to use those words to describe “works of art” that depict the severed head of President Trump or when they bully the women in the Trump administration.

But then again, they would have to understand the meaning of those words, to properly apply them, right?





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