Trump’s Foreign Policy Is In, And Obama Won’t Like This One Bit…


Donald Trump’s New (Calm) Rhetoric Stunning Audiences

President Trump | Photo Credit Getty

During Trump’s first speech and first trip overseas, the new President spoke to Muslim leaders about terrorism. The President asked for other leaders to help him unite against terrorism once and for all.

In every way imaginable, Trump’s trip is a complete change in foreign policy, when compared to Obama’s approach. Even the language Trump uses, which Obama insisted would hurt America, is coming full force.

Trump is reminding our allies what America is all about.

President Trump On Foreign Policy 

Fox News reports:

“President Trump has moderated his tone quite a bit and there’s a Tweeter feed full of comments that he has made about this part of the world and what he hoped President Obama would have done while in office. Now this is an opportunity for President Trump to decide how he is going to lead.”

“So far his visit has gone very well. There are some things that have already happened that will open him up to criticism, but overall, I would say it’s been a very good trip.”

Trump Reminds The World, “America First”

President Trump | Photo Credit CNN

Washington Examiner reports:

“President Trump on Sunday discarded “America First” in his speech to Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia, falling back on the bipartisan internationalism that has characterized U.S. foreign policy for decades. That was the assessment of foreign policy analysts on the Left and the Right that have been critical of Trump.”

“They still found plenty to disagree with regarding certain portions of the president’s remarks, delivered before the heads of state of several Arab countries.”

“He hit most of the right buttons and missed many of the wrong ones,” Aaron David Miller, a former adviser to Democratic and Republican presidents who is now vice president and a distinguished scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, said in an interview with the Washington Examiner.”