DREAMER Made Mass Shooting Threat Got Arrested With Loaded Shotgun

Dreamer Abigail Hernandez
DREAMer Abigail Hernandez is in federal custody after she threatened a mass shooting at East High School in Rochester, New York. | Photo credit Democrat and Chronicle

Last week a 21-year old illegal immigrant, with a shotgun, threatened a mass school shooting at East High School in the sanctuary city of Rochester, New York. But since all DREAMers are good people, bad people can’t have guns and sanctuary cities are safe, so nobody took the threat seriously.  

Yeah, just kidding.

Two days after the shooting in Parkland, FL, Abigail Hernandez posted a threat to East High School via an anonymous Facebook account. “I’m coming tomorrow morning and I’m going to shoot all of ya bi***es,” she warned.

After seeing the threat, school officials contacted the Rochester Police Department to investigate. Authorities were able to track the threat back to Hernandez and she was arrested at her home where officers found a loaded shotgun.

Hernandez, a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipient, is facing one felony count of “making terrorist threats.” Her bail is currently set at $15,000 and her DACA status protects her from deportation.

If nothing else, this story shatters nearly every liberal talking point out there. Obviously, not all DREAMers are sweet and innocent. Moreover, contrary to the left’s assertions, not all mass shooters are angry white males.

And guess what?

Bad People Get Guns

gun control
California gang members show-off their guns on social media. | Photo credit The Truth About Guns

All day, every day. 

Fact is, Hernandez couldn’t legally possess a shotgun. Heck, she’s technically not in the country legally since DACA isn’t a law. Yet, she felt safe enough in Rochester to (illegally) obtain a weapon and threaten a mass school shooting because it’s a sanctuary city.

Yes, she is in jail now. How long will she be there? When she gets out, will she still be a threat? These are important questions that can’t honestly be answered. At least not in a way that offers comfort and reassurance. Which, is the point we’re trying to make.

Think about it. How many laws were broken or ignored in just this case? Four. Hernandez committed four crimes because she could. The left made it easy, even acceptable, for her to be a criminal. These are the same people calling for more laws, more gun control.

Following the laws we already have might be a better place to start, don’t you think?