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Source credit: Fox News Is the New York Times deliberately forgetful-or do they just not pay attention to the news? Maybe it’s a little of both. Neither would be surprising when it comes to their stories about President Trump. They really do seem to make things up as they go along, like with the infamous “Comey Memo.”

Not to be outdone by the Washington Post’s scandalous (fake) Trump-Russia story, the Times put-out an article alleging that President Trump asked James Comey to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn. Now mind you, both stories cited “anonymous sources,” and neither offered any tangible proof. You know, like the actual memo or a recording of Oval Office meeting.

However, better than any of that, is the proof that James Comey has given himself. Proof that is conveniently being ignored by MSM. The former FBI director, testified to the Senate under oath on May 3rd, and specifically said that “the Trump administration had not pressured his agency to halt any investigation for political purposes.

In addition, Comey made it clear that the FBI has been allowed to operate “freely” and without “political interference.” It is this information that begs the question-did Comey lie then or is the media lying now? 

In either case the “memo” efforts have…


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