Hillary speaking at rally Hillary speaking at rally

At a recent memorial to mark the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on New York, deeply concerning footage arose regarding the nature of Hillary Clinton’s health. While her health has been a contested issue these past few weeks, Clinton shows signs of a much graver health issue. 

Which has indeed become a central issue to the presidential race.

In the alarming video uploaded to the social media site, Twitter, the Democratic nominee appears unable to stand without the help of her aids while making an early exit from the 9/11 memorial site. The media has labeled the incident a result of pneumonia, or dehydration, and played a second video depicting her speedy recovery while leaving her daughter’s New York City apartment, on a constant loop.

But this incident feels and appears much more grave.  More than appearing physically exhausted.   The video shows Clinton losing all control of her motor functions; grasping the shoulders of her aids to keep her upright.

In the video, Clinton is propped against a cement pillar then severely stumbles towards her waiting motorcade.  She’s unable to hold the weight of her own body.

Her lack of balance and steadiness is alarming to witness in what has been labeled a severe case of dehydration and exhaustion. Maybe something far worse?  The Clinton camp has stated that the presidential hopeful indeed has pneumonia.  But how pneumonia could cause someone to suddenly lose control of their motor skills is uncertain and unlikely. Barely being able to work her way through the crowd, the presidential candidate staggered to the motorcade.  She left one of her shoes behind, and then was dragged into the vehicle.

In a recent interview, Dr. Ted Noel, an anesthesiologist from Orlando, Florida states that pneumonia doesn’t fit what we see in the video. He goes on to state that what we are likely seeing could very well be the result of a Parkinson’s ‘freeze’.  Which entails a sudden lack of motor control that requires an injection of Apomorphine.  Something which could not be administered due to the public nature of the 9/11 event.

What has become evident is that we are not getting the full picture in regards to Clinton’s health.

It is clear that we may never really know the full truth of her health unless her full medical history is revealed.  Including her records during her visit to Columbia University’s Medical Center.

The nature of her health has been a peripheral concern to the presidential campaign.  And the reality shows a bleak picture of someone who may not be fully capable of continuing a presidential campaign. It also demonstrates once again that Donald Trump has keen judgement in analyzing her inconsistent campaign and lack of social appearances. With two months to go and a week or so towards the presidential debates, Hillary’s stamina appears to be waning.  And this video resolutely demonstrates that her health is a major concern. The alarming video now seems to be disappearing from internet sources.  And has also received little to no airplay on corporate media, in this case, a video speaks louder than words.

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