Shocking Turn Of Events! Could Gary Johnson Replace HRC?


Last Sunday, many were shocked when Hillary had to leave the 9/11 Commemoration because of health reasons. Since the event, Hillary has put people into a bit of a confusion with her statements and actions. She’s claimed to have pneumonia, yet at the same time has repeatedly been seen smiling and giving hugs to people. She is obviously weak and ill. For someone who could potentially be the president of the United States, it’s a bad thing. After looking back at her videos, it’s no surprise she’s got health issues.

People need to start being very real about the problem at hand. When a candidate has health concerns like she does, it’s something to take seriously. Nothing is more important than good health, especially when it comes to mental health. The potential for Hillary to have Parkinson’s is a dangerous game. The stumble she took on Sunday is just a sign of something that it more debilitating. Because of Hillary’s health concerns, many people feel there should be a second candidate in the running.

People are looking at Libertarian, Gary Johnson. He is on the ballot in all 50 states as of now. He also had about 15 million supporters to date and is known for being as balanced as a candidate can be. Johnson’s ideals place him as a socially liberal/fiscally conservative candidate. He could be allowed in the presidential debates coming up on September 26. As of now, the private debate commission hasn’t said what they’re going to do. At any time, they could allow Johnson in if they decided it was the right thing to do. He would still be about 15% shy of their national polling criteria.

Is Hillary Fit for the Presidency?

Even though he doesn’t have the required percentage, these are troubled times and the move to put him in could be made. The decision would make sense because of the sheer number of people who want to see him in the debates in a couple weeks. The elections are turning chaotic. And with Hillary’s health on the line, they could get even more out of whack. With all the occurrences happening and Hillary’s health, isn’t it essential we have another candidate in the debates?

Could Gary Johnson Replace HRCIf something happens to Hillary Clinton, what would happen? Trump would have the obvious advantage, which is fine by me. But the unfair advantage could throw the country into even more of a disarray, possibly to the point of violence. Another question that beckons, if Hillary does have pneumonia, does she even have the vital energy needed to finish the campaign in the first place?

So What Happens if Hillary Can’t Campaign?

If her health is deteriorating as many speculate, and her mental stability is on the line, it could be dangerous for her to continue. With so little time, there wouldn’t be enough time to re-establish Sanders, thank god! But since Johnson is already grounded within the American Political scene, he could help the nation by filling the space Hillary is leaving behind due to her illness. 

Not that I want to see the Democratic Party win at all, but I would even feel a lot more comfortable with Johnson in the debates then Hillary. How can we even begin to trust a nominee who is in the spotlight for Benghazi, and at the same time has the possibility of dementia setting in?