Kim Jong Un’s Military Parade

North Korean Parade | Photo Credit Fox News North Korea flaunted missiles in an enormous military parade over the weekend. The country is trying to show their strength by parading various missiles and prototypes through the capital.

While their miltary parades are not new, analysts at the event said they noticed at least two new missiles. There was also a prototype of an intercontinental ballistic missile, which many fear will lead to North Korea getting an ICBM missile with nuclear capabilities to attack the U.S.

Tens of thousands of civilians also marched in the government-organized event.

Parade Highlights Prototype Weapons

Fox News reports from North Korea:

“Tough talk a lot of mighty display at the parade, marking the anniversary of the birthday of the founder of the country, Kim Il Sung. His grandson is now in charge. At the parade, we saw… North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at a most unusual combination parade—military, civilian, and nationalism.”

“Perhaps because his government is in a most unusual situation: a standoff with the United States over his banned nuclear program. The young leader is looking to the crowds for highly orchestrated support. There was a lot of military might on display.”

Weapons Displayed During Parade

North Korean Parade | Photo Credit Fox News

CNN reports:

“First in the series of ballistic missiles, we saw the KN-11 submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM). Six missiles were paraded on trailers. The KN-11 is North Korea’s first large solid-fuel missile and is a relatively new addition to North Korea’s ballistic missile fleet. Submarine launches are more difficult to detect as the missile can be fired from locations off the Korean Peninsula. This missile has been tested a handful of times, including its most recent test on August 24, 2016, where it flew 500 kilometers (310 miles).”

“Following the KN-11 we saw an as-yet unidentified missile on a tracked vehicle similar to the Soviet Scud design. We believe that it is a liquid-fueled missile based on markings found in higher-resolution images indicating possible fuel and oxidizer ports.”

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