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Pro-life Endorsement: Donald Trump Will Protect the Unborn

By Theresa White | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-31

Donald Trump, Pro-life, Unborn

Donald Trump Endorses Pro-Life

Although many voters still harbor concern that Donald J. Trump, doesn’t have the moral compass to be president, the Trump-Pence republican ticket has gained the support of the National Right to Life Committee PAC.

In a statement saying that because the republican nominee has promised to appoint judges that would be more likely to overturn Roe v. Wade and he has vowed to protect the unborn under the law–Donald Trump deserves the pro-life community’s support.

Life News reports

“The National Right to Life Committee PAC today issued its support for Donald Trump for president.”

“Donald Trump has pledged to appoint U.S. Supreme Court Justices who will strictly interpret the Constitution, rather than making laws from the bench,” Maria Gallagher, legislative/PAC Director of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, the state affiliate of National Right to Life in Pennsylvania, told LifeNews.

“In sharp contrast, Democrat Hillary Clinton has imposed a pro-abortion litmus test for Supreme Court nominees. Her radical stand is at odds with the vast majority of Americans, who oppose legal abortion in most circumstances, according to numerous public opinion polls.”

Gallaher also noted that Trump has earned the support of pro-life voters by taking a stand on banning tax dollars from funding abortions.

This is a position, Gallagher said, that is supported by over 60 percent of the electorate.

David Brody of CBN, asked Donald Trump point blank, if as President Trump, a bill came across his desk to defund Planned Parenthood, whether he would support and sign it. Without flinching or second thought, Donald Trump said yes.

“I am for defunding Planned Parenthood as long as they are involved with abortion.”

Where does Donald Trump stand on the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case aside from taxpayer funding?

It was “wrongly decided.” Trump believes that by appointing “very good judges” that they will ultimately change the law that has allowed Planned Parenthood to kill 330,000 innocent unborn babies every year, then turn around and profit from selling their body parts. 

By contrast, Hillary Clinton not only would appoint judges that are in keeping with her radical view of killing unborn babies, taxpayers would soon be footing the bill.

The differences between the two candidates are as stark and black and white on the abortion issue.

LifeNews, state that prolife endorsement confirms that Donald Trump is “committed to protecting the lives of unborn babies and the well-being of their mothers. Mrs. Clinton would set our nation back 40 years by pursuing extremist policies that threaten the lives of innocent unborn children and the health and safety of American women”

For some voters, the pledge to protect innocent life, or the pledge to make destroying it easy, and affordable is all the measure of character they need. 

Can you think of a better one?



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