Preserving the 2nd Amendment: It’s Not Guns That Are Killing Americans


One of the biggest controversies of our time is centered around gun control. The left contends that American citizens do not have a right to bear arms. The 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution says otherwise.

Guns Don’t Kill People, Liberal Policies Do

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Guns are not living, breathing organisms, they are objects. They do not load themselves, they do not fire themselves.

Do people use guns to kill? Yes. Do all gun owners kill people? No.


Liberals would have you believe that guns are America’s biggest threat. But, guns are not the problem, their policies are what’s really killing Americans.

Sanctuary cities are safe havens for illegal immigrants. Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and Memphis are war zones. Radical Islamic terrorism is at our doorstep. Police officers targeted for execution. These are the real threats our country is facing.

All are the result of failed liberal policies that are making America unsafe. Law abiding citizens have a right to protect their lives and their property. Thanks to the socialist progressives, that right is now a need.

Americans Want To Feel Safe

Shopping at the mall, attending a sporting event, catching a movie, going to work or school. Doing these things are a normal part of everyday life in America. Places where people felt safe, or at least they used to. Americans still enjoy these activities, but not with the same level of comfort they used to have.

Open borders, thousands of untraceable refugees, and criminals being put back on the streets are all robbing citizens of their security. Now, they are fighting fire with fire. After the latest terrorist attack at Ohio State University, students are demanding their right to carry guns on campus.

A recent story from the Independent Journal Review highlights just how unsafe students are feeling on the OSU campus. The article notes that the Buckeyes for Concealed Carry on Campus student organization, has started a new petition addressing their concerns.

Part of the national group Students for Conceal Carry, they are asking for a revision to existing firearms regulations on campus that prohibit students with permits from having their weapons on school grounds.

The statement from OSU law student, and former Miss Ohio, Madison Gesiotto speaks volumes about the real problem:

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“Criminals and terrorists do not respect the law and they will not follow the law. We need campus carry to protect ourselves and our friends on campus. I am sick of schools serving as victim target zones for these criminals and terrorists. Instead, we should be empowered to protect ourselves and those around us.” 

This young lady makes sense. 


Gun Control Is Not The Solution

President-elect Trump has been vocal about gun control and his support of the 2nd Amendment. He understands that guns are not the problem. Policies that fail to address the mental health crisis in this country are the problem. Criminals are the problem. Gun-free zones, another liberal policy, are the problem.

America does not need gun control. It needs a leader who will preserve the 2nd Amendment and address the real threats to America’s freedom and safety. President Trump is just the right man for the job — he too, uses common sense.

Do you support the 2nd Amendment?