Bill Maher Jokes About Trump Assassination, Still Believes Trump Could Win


Liberal comedian Bill Maher crossed the line recently on an HBO special. During the special, Maher made reference to the release of John Hinckley. In case you don’t remember, Hinckley is the man who was imprisoned for the attempted assassination of president Reagan in 1981. He was just released from a psychiatric ward on Saturday.

Maher spoke about his worry on how good Trump is doing in the recent Polls. The race is getting close now with Trump taking the lead in Ohio and Florida. Maher apparently saw the headlines about the Republican Nominee and didn’t like it.

Bill Maher Crosses the Line With Trump

Maher was heard to say, “I’m nervous with this election.” He then added, “If this race is even the week before the election, somebody is going to have to go out there… Why do you think they let Hinckley out?”

This isn’t the first time Maher spoke about Trump dying. He’s made several references to the death of Trump on his show throughout the entire election season. He joked about Trump’s death in March as well as compared the presidential nominee to Adolf Hitler. His comments about Trump are unacceptable by many people’s standards.

Although Maher has obvious issues with Trump’s political views, he does believe Trump has a very good chance at winning the elections. His reason for believing Trump has a better chance at winning than Hillary is due to the political correctness of the Democratic party.

According to Maher, the party could lose on one simple fact. They refuse to use the term Islamic Terrorist. Even though there has been a slew of attacks around the world by radical groups of Islamic Terrorist, the Democratic party refuses to use the word. Maher points out that this simple reason could cause Trump to win.

Which is fine by me, most likely for you too. If a party can’t even admit that there’s a problem, they have no business being in charge of the country. The refusal of the Democratic Party to use the term Islamic Terrorist is an obvious sign of weakness. It shows the true thought processes of the Democrats and how reluctant they are to offend anyone.

Bill Maher Thinks Democrats Could Lose!

Bill Maher Jokes About Trump AssassinationMaher also said, “Trump is not right – but he will win the election if the American people have to choose between his demagoguery and a party that won’t even say the words, Islamic Terrorism.” He then added, “I think the Democrats could lose on that issue alone, especially if there’s another attack.”

While I don’t agree with the wording Maher used or his political views in general, I think it says a lot that one of the most left wing Liberals in the country is speaking the truth of the matter. If he has doubts in his own party’s agenda and leadership capabilities, that gives us all something to think about.

Maher is spot on with his guess and has reason to worry. The lead is tightening in the race and Trump is closing in fast. Polls as recent as Monday show the Hillary and Trump are nearly locked in dead even in four battleground states with only two months left till the elections.