Paul Ryan Supports Trump Indirectly By Investing in Wisconsin GOP


Ryan is focusing on Wisconsin to keep a republican in the House seat of Rep. Reid Ribble, and he wants to keep Senator Ron Johnson.

The House Speaker, Paul Ryan, is facing criticism for deciding to distance himself from Donald Trump. However, he is still putting money into Wisconsin for any GOP candidate in the state ballot on Election Day. 

Just this week, Ryan for Congress gave the Wisconsin Republican Party $250,000. Those funds brought the total to $1 million that he has given this year to them. The coming elections will determine if Republicans retain their control over the Senate or not.

Helping the GOP

The money is for all GOP candidates who run in Wisconsin. So, he’s helping Trump without trying to help. He isn’t actually trying to support Hillary Clinton. His party is more important to him then who is running under it. He doesn’t care as long as a Republican has control.  

Ryan doesn’t get along with Trump very well. Rob Carter, a Republican strategist, said, “Paul Ryan is doing a great job in the face of an awful situation. He’s in a tough spot with Trump. But soon this will all be over.”

Angry at Trump

In May, Ryan wasn’t on the Trump train. He was hesitant to fall in line after Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration into the country, as well as, mass deportation of illegals. He also didn’t agree with Trump on free trade.

Ryan was aiming for his 10th House term in November, so he endorsed Trump. Then, in early October, he abandoned Trump again after the audiotape with lewd comments. Ryan said that he wouldn’t defend Trump or campaign for him. So far, he hasn’t.  

Trump went after Ryan on Twitter saying that he hasn’t done anything in his position. He suggested that Ryan should be working more on “balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting Republican nominee.”

GOP Turns on Ryan Who Turns on Trump

Trump vs. Ryan (Credit:
Trump vs. Ryan (Credit:

For that, Ryan was showered in boos at a GOP rally in Wisconsin. Many Republicans are upset with Ryan for doing this to Trump so late in the race. In a few weeks the U.S. will vote on a President. It doesn’t help to have Republicans protesting against Trump right now. It has tarnished his status as a top Republican. 

He plans on heading to Green Bay, Wisconsin this week to assist Mike Gallagher who is running for the 8th Congressional District. He explained, “Mike Gallagher will be part of the next generation of conservative leaders. As a proud U.S. Marine, Mike understands precisely what it takes to serve our nation and he knows what is required to uphold and defend our freedoms.”