DISGUSTING: Eminem Says [CENSORED] Slur About Conservative Women… They’re Furious


The New Voice of Political Hate 

Photo Creidt: hiphopgoldenage.com

Raping, torturing, and murdering a woman. When you read something like this, you’re probably expecting it to be about ISIS right? Sadly, not this time.

This is an insidiously dangerous threat from within. The “tolerant” Left. Women and children are their favorite targets.

Rap artist Marshall Mathers, a.k.a. “Eminem” has recorded a new song in what appears to be a protest of the deaths of Sandra Bland and Philando Castille. In the song, Eminem devotes 10 lines to encouraging the rape, torture, and murder of conservative author Ann Coulter.

Coulter is an outspoken conservative commentator. She is also an ardent Trump supporter. It is these characteristics that make her “fair game” for left-wing bullies.

Violence against women is fast becoming the new normal. At least when it comes to women who didn’t vote for Hillary that is. It seems the left is now the…

Anti-Women Party

Photo Credit: twitter.com

Liberals have consistently expressed moral outrage over Donald Trump’s alleged mistreatment of women. Their self-righteous indignation has been plastered all over the front pages of newspapers and floods Facebook feeds daily.

Yet, it has been perfectly acceptable for them to attack Melania and Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway and now, Ann Coulter. It is alright to be a “nasty woman”–but don’t dare to be a conservative woman.

The latter makes you the enemy. You will be boycotted, ridiculed, and excluded if you don’t fit into their narrative. In fact, men and women will march against you. 

Coulter fired back at the Grammy-award winning rapper saying:

It is unfortunate that the left, from the Berkeley rioters to Eminem have normalized violence against women.”

Coulter was likely referring to the female Trump supporter who was pepper sprayed during an on-camera interview at Berkeley. Protests turned violent when conservative Milo Yiannapoulos arrived to speak on the campus.

Vile acts, lawlessness, violence, publicly attacking and demeaning the children of political opponents — is the Left’s new political correctness. 


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