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What Donald Trump Just Announced Plans That Will Actually Make America GREAT Again

By Theresa White | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-29

Recently, Trump just laid out his plan to rebuild the country and make America great again. The conservative runner for president let people in on exactly what he’s planning and it’s amazing. His focus is specifically on the run down city of Detroit. As Trump put it, “Detroit is the living, breathing” result of what happens when a country fails. With so many democratic plans failed, agendas missed and an unemployment rate that is saddening, Detroit is the perfect example of what has gone wrong. Detroit has an unemployment rate more than doubled the rest of the country. And the city has one of the highest rates of violent crimes the world has ever seen.

More than half of the citizens of the city don’t work and Hillary disregards the reality of this city. Trump finally said in simple words,

“We will make America grow again.”

He has made several promises during his campaign and I believe he will stick to them. I also believe they will help restore the growth of this country. Trump will Lower corporate tax rates from 40% income in taxes to 15%. He will completely lose all estate tax. And families who lose a loved one will no longer have to pay death taxes. All of these are great steps towards rebuilding the economic stability of the American people. And these steps are just the beginning according to Trump.

Trump also spoke about the issues surrounding families in America as well. In no way is he strictly focused on the rich and elite of the country, he is equally determined to help the regular, everyday people as well. Trump’s plan makes good on what his daughter has spoken about recently. During a Republican convention, Ivanka stated that families would be able to deduct all child care expenses from their taxes.

The intention of this is to reduce the cost of child care and add some relief to struggling American families.

On the other hand, Clinton’s tax plans are more associated with helping massive corporations and billionaire women. Trump instead will see to it that the wealthy are going to pay their fair share just the same as everyone else.

Of course Hillary threw a low blow at Trump’s declarations for tax change. Mainly taking shots at Trump’s economic advisers and dismissing them as simple hedge fund guys.

The two candidate’s plans are so different it’s like day and night. And what it comes down to is this, if you want your employer to be able to pay you more than the government, vote Trump. If you want the government to get more money than you and your employer, vote Hillary. And if you vote Hillary, be ready because you may not be able to afford your job anymore.

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