CNN Lays Out The Winning Path For Donald Trump


This year’s election is a nail-biting horse race, with either candidate capable of winning by a nose. CNN has just laid out the first of their two-part series, outlining a path for victory for Donald Trump.

CNN, Donald Trump

No doubt inspired by the latest CNN/ORC national poll that found Trump leading Clinton by two points. The lead leaves, the usually left-leaning, news organization more than a bit surprised. 

Apparently, now they can see a path to victory for Donald Trump.
First order of business:

“Spend the next 63 days shining a relentless and unforgiving spotlight on Clinton’s vulnerabilities and avoid more self-inflicting wounds.”

It should be pointed out, that seems to be what the media has done with Donald Trump. However, Trump, says CNN needs to make the election all about Clinton.

Like that would be hard. Every day there is a new scandal. No wonder she remains in hiding. 

The next big test on the road to the White House will be the debates. This is where we get to see a test run of our “commander-in-chief.” Like it or not, right or wrong, how a candidate carries himself, or herself, goes a long way. That’s because, we here in America, tend to judge our books by their covers. 

The first presidential debate will air September 26. In front of the vast audience, CNN acknowledges that Donald Trump could reshape his image.

When you think about it, that’s exactly what happened with the trip to Mexico. The media and the democrats have said over and over, “he’s not presidential” (as if that’s a thing).

Then what happened?

CNN, Donald Trump  

He stood on the international stage beside the president of Mexico and the world noticed. He is presidential. In fact, he accomplished as a candidate what the current administration couldn’t do in eight years. Which was, find a common ground on border issues–that door swings both ways. 

In summary, you could safely say that all Trump has to do, at least according to CNN, is highlight just how woefully incompetent and corrupt Hillary Clinton truly is, and hit a grand slam in the presidential debates. He’ll nail it.

While all that may be true, there is one thing that the mainstream media is overlooking. And that is how they are counting the voters.

This is not a normal election year, to say the least. There is a vast amount of voters that will sit this one out. The enormous following that Bernie Sanders gathered, will most likely either not vote, or vote Trump. The democrats made a mockery of him–and his supports without so much of an apology.

Then there are the republicans that have mounted their moral high-horse and refuse to come down. They won’t be voting this year either.

Let’s not forget the World War II democrats. These are the older and wiser folks who know socialism when they see it–and have had their fill of Clintons. They’ll be voting Trump.

This race is closer than CNN thinks. They are watching the wrong horses.