Democrats Support Trump While RINOS Want A Vote


This week, President Trump met with Chairman Kim Jong-un to discuss the future of relations between our two countries. The goal of the Singapore summit was, first and foremost, to achieve total denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Democrats take credit for Trump-North Korea Deal
Photo Credit | Rep. Mark Pocan

Not surprisingly, many doubted that Trump could achieve this goal. After all, 70 years of conflict isn’t easy to dismantle. Especially so, when you put in absolutely no effort like past administrations. Trump knew that 18 years ago, and he knows it now.

So, rather than accepting the theory that complacency was the only option for dealing with North Korea, Trump got tough. And not just with his words, but with his actions. His willingness to show our military might, levy economy-crushing sanctions, and his resolve to win made the summit possible.

In a shocking move, a group of top Democrats issued a letter of support for President Trump. Ironically, most of them are the same people clamoring about collusion with Russia and calling for impeachment. In their letter, 15 House members “congratulated” the president for being diplomatic.

“We are encouraged by your efforts to pursue direct diplomacy with North Korea with the dual goals of resolving the nearly seven-decade-long conflict and achieving the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula,” they wrote. “Diplomacy is the only path to resolve the tensions between our countries.”

The a**-kissing letter was signed by the two co-chairs of the House’s Progressive Caucus – Reps. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz. and Mark Pocan. D-Wisc. It also included the signatures of members from California, Washington, Hawaii, and Guam.

Now we don’t need to tell you that mid-term primaries are in full-swing and Democrats need all the help they can get. To not support Trump on something as major as de-nuking North Korea, is party suicide.

That is something that RINOS like Mitch McConnell are well-aware of too. Which is, very likely, why the Senate Majority Leader is saying Congress needs to vote on any deal Trump makes with North Korea.

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