Democrats Choose Sabotaging Trump Over Solving U.S. Border Crisis

"We want to keep the focus on Trump"


Democrats are trying to pull a victory out of their hat before the mid-terms. Their Russia collusion theory didn’t work, and they couldn’t sell an alleged affair with a porn star. Now, they want to blame President Trump for a border crisis he didn’t create and one they don’t want to solve.

Chuck Schumer just said so.

Schumer rejects border proposal from Mitch McConnell
Photo Credit | ABC News

Unless you live in total isolation, then you have heard about the so-called “humanitarian crisis” brewing at the border. Horror stories of immigrant children being ripped away from their parents are flooding news and radio broadcasts, and social media.

You also probably know that Democrats are placing the blame for the problem on Trump. While there is a growing issue, and it is tragic, it’s not Trump’s fault. But, if you’re desperate to win an election, thirsty for power and control, that’s the card you want to play.

This week, Senator Chuck Schumer proved they are playing it.

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