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Photo Credit: In February, President Trump announced that he would not be attending the annual White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) dinner. He is the first president in 36 years to skip the event. The tradition began back in 1921 and was viewed as an evening of food and “friendly” fodder between the press and the president.

However, the addition of Hollywood celebrities to the guest list has somewhat discredited the event in recent years. And it would certainly explain, at least partially, why President Trump won’t attend the dinner. The other reason is obviously the hostile tone and bias reporting of Main Stream Media. Apparently, his staff agrees with his decision to sit this one out.

From Time:

No members of the White House staff will attend this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner as an act of solidarity with President Donald Trump. The president announced his decision not to attend the annual event, which is set for April 29, on Twitter in February. The White House informed the White House Correspondents’ Association of the staff’s decision on Tuesday night.

WHCA President and Reuters correspondent, Jeff Mason, responded to the announcement saying the “WHCA board regrets this decision very much.” In his statement, Mason touted about building a constructive relationship.

“We have worked hard to build a constructive relationship with the Trump White House and believe strongly that this goal is possible even with the natural tension between the press and administrations that is a hallmark of a healthy republic,” said Mason.

Constructive Relationship

Photo Credit:

We are certain many could agree, that Mason’s assessment of the relationship between the press and President Trump is as skewed as their reporting. The only thing the liberal media has worked hard at is destroying the president’s reputation and the reputations of anyone who supports him. A truth that will likely be on full display at this year’s event.

Mason concluded his statement by noting they would “celebrate the First Amendment” despite the president’s absence, and enjoy awarding scholarships to students “who represent the next generation of our profession.”

We can only hope that these future journalists will do better than their predecessors.

Watch Pressident Reagan’s 1988 WHCA remarks:






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