New York Legislator CAUGHT On Camera Saying She Can’t Pay Her Ticket… [WATCH]

Jennifer Schwartz Berky talks on her cellphone during a traffic stop in Ulster County, NY. | Photo credit Independent Journal Review

Nobody is above the law, not even politicians. Although, one might not believe that based on the examples Democrats are setting. Take New York Legislator, Jennifer Schwartz Berky, for example. Berky was pulled over for speeding several months ago, and the police just released the video of the stop.

Five months ago, Berky was stopped by police after speeding through Ulster County in her climate-friendly Prius. Now, the video of her encounter with Officer Gary Short is being made public for the first time. The routine traffic stop, turned into a 30-minute Oscar-worthy performance as Berky made one excuse, after another, to Officer Short.

In the beginning, Berky admits she was talking on her cellphone and speeding. However, that is where the truth ended, and the politicking began. 

After the officer told her was driving 43 mph in a 30 mph zone, you can hear Berky’s voice change. She sounds distraught as she began justifying why she was speeding.

“I was driving at the same pace as everyone,” she told Short. The patient officer explains to her that it doesn’t matter what everyone was doing, but she didn’t understand the concept.

“Why did you pull me over and not someone else?” she asked him. Berky, who makes $58,000 a year, then played the sympathy card claiming she is “too broke” to pay a ticket.

When those efforts failed, Berky stepped-up her game by feigning a panic attack and hyperventilating. She asserted the attack is a result of suffering from PTSD. But, when Officer Short offered to get her medical attention she miraculously recovered. 

She even stopped and calmly took a phone call.

Sorry Not Sorry

County Legislator Jennifer Schwartz Berky. | Photo credit Ulster County Government

After the video became public, Berky who is up for re-election on November 7, apologized. 

“The video released earlier this week of my traffic stop captured a tough moment for me,” she said. 

“Like so many working families, I too face tough times and stressful situations. I want to apologize to Officer Short and thank him for his patience and professionalism with me during a very difficult time.”

Despite her “apology,” she is contesting the ticket at trial.

Grab the popcorn and watch her performance: