88 Generals and Admirals Support and Endorse Trump in His Bid for the Presidency

Retired General backing the Trump
Retired General backing the Trump

Just last week, Donald Trump was enthusiastically endorsed by the nation’s top military leaders.

Trump recently earned great praise from over 88 generals/admirals who share the same vision in making America great again. This isn’t surprising as he has always stated and pledged his willingness to strengthen America’s military presence. The list of retired military officials included four 4-star generals and over a dozen 3-star flag officials.

Trump has stated he will ask the generals to present a plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy ISIS. This will be done immediately after taking office. He will also ask Congress to fully eliminate the defense sequester. He will submit a new budget to rebuild our military as soon as he assumes office. In addition, Trump will also build an active Army of around 540,000 strong. As the Army’s chief of staff has said he needs.

“It is a great honor to have such amazing support from so many distinguished retired military leaders,” Trump said in a statement. “Keeping our nation safe and leading our armed forces is the most important responsibility of the presidency.”

The support of the military and its operations has been a focus of contention for both candidates in the Presidential race.

Clinton has fought Trump and his vision of rebuilding America’s armed forced and restoring the US to its former military superiority – as the world’s top military superpower.  Hillary is full of a lot of fluffy nice-talk concerning America’s economy, infrastructure, and education.  And her pledge and plan to ensure the safety of every American has been wholly lacking. This is such a dangerous and contentious time in history, where terrorist attacks are unfolding at such an alarming rate.  What is Crooked Clinton’s stance on eliminating the threat of ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism?

In a recent interview with Matt Lauer, Clinton stated that her plan is to eradicate radical Islam while not committing any troops.  That entails the continuation of a drone plan pioneered by the Obama administration, which has killed thousands of civilians and been utterly disastrous.

Trump’s policy is to use tough diplomacy.  And express the military might of America through a resolute diplomatic mission that uses the power of the office of the presidency as the negotiating tool. As such, Trump expresses his respect to the men and women who serve the United States armed forces.  He demonstrates that as president, he in fact serves them.

Essentially, what Trump is offering is to be America’s negotiator on a global stage against terrorism. 

Instead of needlessly and dangerously antagonizing Russia, which Clinton seems to haplessly do at every turn. Trump seeks to engage America’s former cold-war enemy in a fight against terrorism and radical Islam.  Hillary’s dangerous anti-Russian rhetoric can prove catastrophic if elected to office. Trump seeks to work with Russia, because he knows that they can, and are willing, to serve America as a tool to defeat the threat of terrorism at its very source. Trump seeks to engage a global strategy that uses true tactical capacity to defeat a threat that should have never existed in the first place, were Hillary Clinton not Secretary of State.

In the event of continued engagement of American troops, along with a global military blueprint proposed by Trump, civilian drone deaths are likely to be avoided. The threat of radical Islam will be wiped clean and ISIS finally defeated. For these civilians there is the possibility of safe refuge in places that are not threats to geopolitical security.

Here’s what our military generals and admirals are actually saying.

Our global position as leaders in the defense and fight against radical Islam is being lost due to a lack of strong leadership. This is why 88 of our American generals and military leaders endorse Trump. The reality is far from the liberal spin bent by the Clinton campaign and her backers. The threat of security has become a hot-button issue that permeates the social sphere in light of recent terrorist attacks. This past summer, events that target civilians have become an almost daily occurrence in all parts of the world. This includes atrocities in France, petty attacks in Germany, and generally peaceful far-flung former American allies in Asia, like the Philippines.

Just recently a poll by NBC news surveyed over 30,000 veterans.  In this poll of Americans that Hillary might soon call ‘deplorables’, Donald Trump completely obliterated Hillary Clinton by over 19 points. A whooping 55 percent of veterans who are registered voters believe Trump would be a far more effective commander in chief of the nation’s military.

While Hillary is quick to paint Trump an unashamed bigot and accuse him of the worst kind of xenophobia, our nation’s veterans are supporting Mr. Trump. If protecting the rights and safety of Americans to live their lives in a world without fear is wrong; then surely Trump does not want to be right, or politically correct, and this is something all Americans must support.