BOOM: NYPD Is Rejecting De Blasio’s Orders For The RIGHT Reason…


To Serve and Protect

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The truth always surfaces. Now that Obama is out and Trump is in, law enforcement is beginning to speak-out. The NYPD just sent a loud and clear message to Mayor Bill de Blasio about his policies on illegal immigration.

President of the Sergeants Benevolent Association union, Ed Mullins, gave a radio address earlier this week and had some harsh words for the mayor and police commissioner:

“Make no mistake about it, the members of law enforcement in the NYPD want to cooperate with ICE. I speak to cops every day — they want to cooperate with ICE, they want to work with fellow law enforcement agents.” 

Speaking with 970am show “The Cats Roundtable”, Mullins also told host John Catstimadis that it was “lunacy” for the police commissioner to cherry pick the laws they want to follow and enforce. “It’s a moral obligation”-said Mullins.

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It is customary for government officials in sanctuary cities, to instruct law enforcement personnel not to cooperate with ICE. However, a former ICE agent under the Obama administration recently revealed that these obstructionist policies were encouraged by the DOJ.

On many occasions, Mayor de Blasio has vowed to protect illegal immigrants and demonstrated his…

Contempt for the Law

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Last month, illegal immigrant and MS13 gang member Estivan Velasquez, was released from Riker’s Island. Velasquez has a long criminal history and has admitted to being a violent “gang-banger”.

Yet despite having a detainer request from ICE, he was allowed back onto the streets of NY. ICE Field office director, Thomas Decker, told the New York Post that “honoring detainer requests is not about politics-it’s about keeping New York citizens safe”

President Trump has issued executive orders to cut funding to cities that refuse to uphold federal immigration laws. It is the responsibility of both government officials and police, to enforce the laws. Cooperation between local, state, and federal agencies is crucial to that enforcement.



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