Get To Know The Unique Dog Breed That Captured America’s Heart


Flynn, the Bichon Frise, pranced his way into the center ring in Madison Square Gardens, winning both the night and America’s heart. Westminster Dog Show is a yearly, televised event. Hosted in New York City, thousands of purebred dogs vie for the title of Best in Show. And Flynn, the happy little canine, was the 2018 winner, thrusting the breed into the spotlight. 

Getting to Know Flynn, the Bichon Frise

Happy tail wagging as he circled the ring, Flynn was an instant hit. Many viewers loved him and wondered what this spritely fellow was.

Known as GCHP Ch Belle Creek’s All I Care About Is Love, a name longer than he is tall, Flynn is a 5-year-old Bichon Frise from Michigan. He has spent the last two years touring the United States to compete in dog shows with his handler, and the man who led him to victory, Bill McFadden.

When he isn’t in the ring showing off his perfect smile, Flynn is a cherished companion that spends a lot of his time clowning around. In fact, Flynn loves to make people laugh. Almost as much as he loves rolling in the snow!

Like many show dogs, Flynn comes for a prestigious line and is related to the only other Bichon Frise to win Best in Show at Westminster,

But what’s next for Flynn?

Well, Flynn gets to enjoy a media tour before he turns his fluffy head towards home. The plucky little pup is on his way to retirement back in Michigan with his family. And there, I’m sure, he will take as much time rolling in snow and enjoying belly rubs. And who knows, maybe the next Bichon Frise to win Westminster will be Flynn’s son.

What is a Bichon Frise?

But now that we know who Flynn is, what is a Bichon Frise? Originating in the Mediterranean, the Bichon Frise is a small breed of dog that weighs 10 to 20 pounds and is no more than 12 inches tall. They are a playful breed, known for being clown-like and happy…exactly like Flynn at Westminster.

Traits you should expect in the Bichon Frise are:

  • A perky, friendly personality. This breed gets along with everyone; young and old alike.
  • A companion breed at home both in your lap or out in the show ring.
  • A long, curly tail…usually carried in a happy wag.
  • Bright, dark round eyes that give the face expression.
  • A dense, fluffy double coat that can be apricot, white or grey with or without markings in cream, buff or apricot.

While the fluffy coat is sculpted for show dogs,  most owners are happy to keep their Bichon Frise groomed in a shaved, puppy cut. This makes it easier to care for. Regardless of coat style, one thing is sure, the Bichon Frise brings laughter into their homes when they arrive.

Adopt Don’t Shop

With all of the attention on Flynn and his charming breed; it is no wonder that people are interested in where to find one. While there are Bichon Frise breeders around the world, we recommend adoption.

Local shelters and rescues often have Bichons, both puppies and adults.

In fact, every year, thousands of purebred dogs, including the Bichon Frise, are relinquished to shelters.

Interested in owning this wonderful breed? Take the time to look in your area for Bichons in need of a new forever home.

Unable to find a Bichon Frise in your local shelter, try a breed club. The majority of responsible breeders and breed clubs have rescue groups dedicated to their breed.

The Bichon Frise Club of America is one such club so be sure to start there.

So if you’re new to the Bichon Frise or you’ve admired them for a long time, one thing is for sure, both the breed, and Flynn, deserve a standing ovation and a place in America’s heart.