ASPCA Releases Surprising Message About “Gifting” A Dog To Friends…


Are your friends ready for a dog? Just because someone loves dogs as much as you, it may not be the best time for gifting dogs to them. Here are some do’s and don’ts to consider before adding a big red bow to your giftable puppy’s collar.

Do’s And Don’ts When Gifting Dogs To Friends

Consider the pros and cons of gifting dogs to friends

Every year puppies are given to friends and family members as gifts. Is this a good idea or a wrong way to start the New Year? There are varying thoughts from both sides of the argument, but I like offering some do’s and don’ts to let you make up your mind.

Do give a dog as a gift –According to the ASPCA, “Studies done by the ASPCA and others have shown no correlation between getting an animal as a gift and an owner’s love and attachment to the pet—even if that pet was a surprise gift—and no increased risk of relinquishment for dogs and cats received as gifts.” 

Don’t assume a dog is a good fit, find out if your friend is ready for a new dog. Here are a few thoughts every family should consider before bringing a new dog into the home.

  • How many hours are you away from home during the day?
  • Does your home/apartment accommodate your new dog’s lifestyle?
  • Who in the family will care for the dog?
  • Are any family members allergic to dogs? 
  • Is your lifestyle ready for a dog?
  • Are you replacing a loved-pup or ready for a new relationship?

Do plan ahead before adopting a dog for your family or as a gift. Quite often a pet is bought on the spur of the moment without considering if the receiving family is heading off on vacation. Also, there may be other life events happening that might hinder a proper welcoming of a new dog or puppy. 

There are more do’s and don’t to consider before gifting dogs to friends. Be sure to check them out as well.

Consider Where You Get Your Dog

Gifting dogs involve consideration and follow through.

A big, don’t, recommended by Joe Wilkes @cesarsway, “Don’t buy puppies from pet stores that buy from puppy mills.” Wilkes states the ASPCA recommends boycotting pet stores that do. “Why? Because the animals at these pet stores usually come from puppy mills, where mothers are forced to have more litters than nature intended, and puppies are given inadequate nutrition and medical care.”

Do consider adoption. Dog shelters have some of the most loving dogs waiting for their forever home, where you get your pup matters. Google “local dog shelters” to find one close to you.

Gift a rescue dog with a new forever home or foster family by doing this.

Check out this free download tip guide and myth buster concerning giving dogs as gifts.

Have you given or received a dog as a surprise gift? How did it turn out?