Being a German Shepherd owner may be harder than you first imagine. Apart from doing all the regular stuff a dog-owner should, like feed the dog, and take them to the veterinarian for regular check-ups, you also have to develop healthy habits. Fortunately, as you develop and cultivate healthy behavior in your German Shepherd – you tend do incorporate some of those things, too. 

These can be as easy and straightforward, as walking. Yep, good old walking. You have to walk your German Shepherd every day, so whether you like it or not – this will become a habit. And a healthy one for both of you, guys!

Walking is the most straightforward type of physical fitness to integrate into your life and its advantages are many. A consistent walking program will improve your cardio, your bones, help you control your weight and improve your posture. 

It’s also important to realize that you and your dog don’t have to be totally in sync

Dogs don’t watch TV, pay bills or browse the Internet, they can concentrate on the diet, fitness, relaxation much better than you. That would be awesome if we could have the luxury of a dog’s empty schedule, but we don’t. Don’t always feel guilty for having a lazy weekend or after work nap! Cut yourself some slack. If you feel tired, that means you should get more sleep. If the dog follows suite – it’s only better. Forcing yourself or the dog to exercise is a bad habit! You never give your dog soft drinks or energy drinks as you do not need them either.

Exhaustion is a real problem and a health hazard. Avoiding it isn’t that easy – try to monitor the dog’s mood when you’re doing something pro-active.  

Keeping your body hydrated is extremely important. 

However, this is not the only benefit of water for you and a German Shepherd. In addition to keeping you hydrated, water is a tool for modulating the temperature of the body, helping muscles function and carrying nutrients around the body. Exposure to water is critical for dogs, especially on hot summer days. So, get yourself one of those inflatable pools and a cool swimsuit and prepare for the long days chilling in the pool with your puppy. 

There is no reason why you cannot approach physical fitness as less about work and much more about fun.

Change up your normal physical fitness routine by joining a local sports club or try a hip-hop dance class. Make your dog’s leisure time fun too. Whenever you take your dog to the park and he plays for hours, running at top speed and mingling with some other dogs, you know he will sleep the rest of the day. To achieve optimal physical fitness, you should do so the same. Try to find some fun activities that build up your physique and then – don’t forget to give yourself a good long rest. Whether it’s Netflix, pool party, daytime nap or anything else – you’ve definitely deserved it. And your dog has too.

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