REVEALED: The 6 Pros And Cons Of Rescuing Dogs


You probably already realize it, but I am a proponent of rescuing. My very first foray into dog ownership came through rescued dogs. In addition, rescued animals from cats to chameleons live in my home. Every last one of them has added a wonderful new dimension to my home. However, while I am a proponent of rescuing, it is important to understand that rescuing does have positives and negatives. Before you rescue, it is important to understand the pros and cons of rescuing, so you are positive that rescuing is for you.

Pro 1) Saving a Life

Saving a life through rescue.

The first pro that we need to look at is that rescuing saves lives.

There are millions of dogs in shelters across the country. Some reside in no-kill shelters, however, in some areas kill shelters are still very much, a thing. Dogs that are in kill shelters have a shorter time period to be rescued. If you are looking at rescue groups, many rescue groups focus on getting dogs out of kill shelters. This means that you are literally saving the life of the dog if you rescue him.

In addition, adopting a rescue dog will open up space for more dogs to be brought in, potentially saving even more dogs when you bring your new rescue dog home.

If we are honest, rescue dogs often save their owners. There are countless benefits to owning a dog, including improved health and a longer lifespan. In fact, studies link dog ownership with a 33% reduced risk of death. So rescuing can potentially save two lives.

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