You heard the rumors, now get the story

In a New York City subway station, a dog was tied to a rail for more than an hour and left alone. Maybe passers-by simply didn’t care, or they didn’t notice; until one woman decided to help.

According to The Dido, the woman’s name is Sarah Borok. She realized something wasn’t right after she spotted the pooch, tied to a rail on a leash.

She stayed by the pup’s side and called the police, who then contacted animal control.

“Rough morning at Atlantic Terminal. Called the cops on this abandoned, injured malnourished girl. So scared, so pathetic. So so so beautiful,” Borok posted on her Instagram.

Betsey is only 2-years-old, but she has already had multiple litters. She is the victim of backyard breeding and was dumped in the subway station after being deemed “useless.”

“It is believed that this girl spent her life on concrete, not walked and malnourished. She has significant and painful damage on her paw pads, drastically overgrown nails, significant muscle loss, and bloating,” Borok wrote.

The pooch began to develop an upper respiratory infection, so she posted a desperate plea to get Betsey placed in foster care.

The help arrived

“I am not allowed to have her in my home, so she needs YOU. I will cover any necessary medical costs. I will transport her to you,” Borok wrote on Instagram.

Mr.Bones & Co, local rescue, decided to help find Betsey a temporary or forever home.

“She doesn’t know anything about walking, or being a dog really, but thanks to @mrbonesandco, there is a dedicated network of good Samaritans and professionals working tirelessly to coordinate the best possible environment for her,” Borok posted.

“The little girl is in a temporary foster home while she undergoes medical treatments, and will be relocated to a verrry special place shortly (stay tuned),” Borok wrote.

Betsey’s foster mom is teaching her basic commands, like how to “touch” and sit to help her ease into the home that she deserves.

She’s got some learning to do, but her loving and friendly personality come entirely naturally.

Betsey was even visited by her new friend Borok at her new short-term home.


“This has been possibly the most moving experience of my life,” Borok wrote on a post.

Please visit if you’re interested in providing a forever home, or long–term foster, for Betsey.

Join us in thanking Sarah Borok and the team of people who are trying to find a perfect forever home for Betsey.

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