Little Dog Given Months To Live Proves Everyone Wrong


A puppy named Monty was born with a bad brain condition called hydrocephalus, which entails he has excessive water in his brain. The only therapy is to put in a shunt, but because of the severity of his condition, Monty wasn’t a candidate for one.

Thankfully, this couple decided to take him in and watch what they could do on their own for the pup. At the very least, they would construct every single day the most special it could possibly be. Their job was to give Monty the most love for whatever time he may have left.

The odds were against them, but they were ready to fight for his life. Monty was given a six-month life expectancy, but his new household was willing to put in the run. They would work with him multiple times a day doing reiki and crystal therapy, and even some sound therapy. He was largely blind and could only walk in small circles, so they had to teach him how to walk up the three steps resulting into the house.

The hard work was starting to pay off and Monty was stimulating some real progress when a new family member demonstrated up in their own lives. Roo and Monty hit it off immediately and had an instant bond! They have opposite personalities, but their daily interactions have led to tremendous development in Monty.

Monty is approaching his one year anniversary with his family entailing he has already doubled his life expectancy. His mom and dad can’t believe how far he’s come functioning largely like a normal puppy and running around playing in the backyard!

Vets are calling Monty a miracle dog, and he’s devoted so much joy to his parents in return for them dedicating him a second opportunity. His story genuinely shows that love is more powerful than anything else in the universe.