10 Important Tips To Keep Your Dog Water Safe This Summer


Water safety. We often think of it for ourselves and our family. However, when it comes to our dogs, it isn’t the first thing we think about. After all, dogs love to swim and many breeds and dogs take to water almost like fish. Unfortunately, every year, dogs end up drowning due to dog owners not being aware of the dangers water presents for everyone. To keep your dog safe, let’s look at some water safety tips.

Our Very Own Water Dog

Pit bulls, like other breeds, can love water.

Before I begin looking at the tips, I’ve always had water dogs. The very first dog I owned with my husband was a rescue puppy named Zodian. He’d been a flea-ridden pit bull/Labrador retriever puppy when we brought him home and I remember the bath turning red from all the exploding flea eggs in his coat.

Of course, fast forward eight months and we took Zodian on his first camping trip. Lucking out with a secluded island campsite that we rowed and swam out to, Zodian was in heaven. Every morning, he would race out of the tent, down to the water, where he would dive in, swim for 20 minutes and head back up to the camp.

Then he would sit so close to the fire that steam would rise off his coat. We realized three things at that moment:

  1. Zodian really loved water.
  2. He needed to learn a bit about fire safety.
  3. We needed to learn a lot about having a water dog and water safety in general.

Unsurprisingly, there was a lot we didn’t know. However, once we learned, we made sure to raise awareness of the fact that water can be just as deadly for dogs as it can for humans.

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