Getting a German Shepherd dog is a major step in anyone’s life, you really want to get it right. For those, who chose not to go to a shelter to get a rescue dog, it is even a bigger problem.


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Most breeds aren’t easy to come across. 

A lot of people get their dogs through personal contacts, friends, acquaintances and so on. Thankfully, German Shepherds are so popular, that there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of breeders in the US. You don’t really need to go deep into why the German Shepherd is such a massive hit.

German Shepherds are extraordinarily intelligent, agile, devoted, and hard working. This is why they happen to be used by police and the defense sector around the world. They are also one of the most popular family pets.

How are they as a puppy?

Don’t just go to buy a German Shepherd pup from any place, always favor a reputed breeder regardless of a higher price. This will ensure you don’t have to pay extra in the future for medical care. Selecting a pro breeder is the perfect choice for first-time owners who don’t know much about breed standards and dogs’ well-being.

Due to the recognition, many individuals had started breeding German Shepherd without preserving the features and breed standards. Before purchasing your first pup consult an up-to-date dog magazine or nearby kennel club to look for a good breeder. You must never forget that the main issue with the German Shepherds’ health is the potential for developing hip dysplasia.

It is the most common problem among bigger breeds and the GSD predisposed for it. This issue affects the joints of the hips, shoulders, and elbows of the dog. This is something you really have to inspect when getting a new dog, but a professional and recognized breeder would be a much safer choice in this regards.

Hemophilia A and breed bloodlines

Another typical issue among German Shepherd dog is Hemophilia A, a blood clotting disorder that causes excessive bruising and bleeding. Because this illness is connected with genetic heritage, the treatment is a long-term process. Food heartburn due to a pancreatic deficiency is another illness some dogs might suffer from, which can cause blood clots or Gastric torsion.

Basic ways to avoid these issues

Feeding your German Shepherd healthy food during its growth phrase plays an integral role for future health. Routine workouts are, arguably, the most important tool to develop more powerful physique and ensure good bone growth. These can lead to much healthier life and reduce the chances of getting a serious health issue for the dog.

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