Pit Bulls
The American Pit Bull Terrier is a subject of controversy. It is basically a cross breed between terriers and bulldogs. This cross breed originated in Staffordshire, England and made its way to the United States in the 18th century. Discrimination against them sprouted when they were solely blamed for random dog attacks.

They are loyal to responsible owners and act out when cared for by irresponsible owners.

Why are Pit Bulls Intimidating?

Well-cared-for pit bulls are well-mannered whereas the abused ones display fierce, instinctive reactions. Historically speaking, the reason why some pit bulls are intimidating why some are not could be because:

  • The large dog breed was used as guard dogs or for dog fighting. Fed to have stronger and stockier bodies, they easily scare off opponents in dog fights.
  • The small dog breed on the other hand was used for hunting, driving livestock and as domestic pets.

It was also noted in the past that criminals capitalized on them. This is how these lovely creatures got involved in illegal activities, giving them a bad name.

Pit Bulls need to be re-introduced.

Owners know that this breed can be tolerant, patient, gentle when given the chance. Misinformed people think of pit bulls as dangerous when in fact this is not the case. Other breeds that have been tagged by the media as violent and aggressive include the following:

  • Rottweilers
  • Dobermans
  • German Shepherds

Attempts of banning the above-mentioned dog breeds often ended up in laws protecting them instead. The American Pit Bull is no exception.

American Temperance Test Society rates Pit Bulls as Second Most Tolerant.

Take it from the American Temperance Test Society. In the temperance test they conducted, the pit bull rated as the second most tolerant. The Golden Retriever ranked first. The Chihuahua was last. This shows that size is irrelevant to the temperament of a dog

Abuses switch Pit Bulls into Survival Mode

Take the case of Susie, an 8 week old pit bull who was defensive and aggressive when found. It was all because she had fondly licked a baby in the face. The dog owner went into a rage, dragged her outside, beat her up and not satisfied, poured lighter fluid on her – setting her on fire.

Deplorable punishments change a Pit Bull’s personality for the worst. Stop doing these methods if you are guilty of the following:

  • chain them up
  • taunt them
  • beat them
  • starve them
  • isolate them

To fight and conquer is a consequence of abuse.  

It only takes a little time to change their personality from gentle to vicious. When your other pets become your pit’s bait, then you have to nip this problem in the bud. Pit bulls that weren’t properly trained will think of other pets as opponents that they have to beat or kill if they wanted to survive.

There’s no comparison to a Pit Bull’s tender loving care to a child it grew up with.

Pit Bulls

We could say that Susie’s owner was simply an uninformed dog owner who became overprotective toward his offspring. However, this caused considerable damage to Susie, the pit bull. On a positive note, the baby grew up attached to Susie and treated Susie properly.

Source: aldf.org




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