The Cutest Rescued Dogs of Instagram



Looking for a date? Take a cue from Popeye’s owner and take your own rescued dog with you! Popeye is one adorable pup who’s making waves on Instagram as a “foodie dog”. If you scroll through his Instagram profile, you’ll see him in various outfits, not to mention, gamely posing for the camera. Popeye’s mother Ivy was quoted in Daily Mail saying:


‘Popeye loves being out and about and he’s very good around food unless we handfeed him. He has licked some foods before, but he doesn’t ever lunge for the food.

‘Popeye did misbehave once where he stole some chicken nuggets that were atop a coffee table. He has a strange love for McDonald’s chicken nuggets.’

When Ivy, who works full time for a software company, found Popeye, he was stray and starving, weighing just 3kgs, his white fur unwashed and matted.

He wasn’t housetrained and didn’t even know how to play with toys.

Now, the mixed breed pup is healthy and happy at 5kgs. To boot, he’s local celebrity, famous for his teddy bear-like ears, food adventures, and adorable themed outfits.



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