Luvable Dog Rescue is a non-profit that began in 1999

Their motto is “Place, Pack, and Purpose.” According to their About Us, “Place” refers to their 55 acres, wooded sanctuary. “Pack” means to socialize the dogs that they take under their wing. “Purpose” refers to their actual purpose, which is to re-home the dogs with compatible and loving companions. 


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Liesl Wilhardt, the Executive Director, told Pupjournal that she loves pit bulls even as a child that’s why she found herself drawn to pit bull-type dogs. Fostering pits started out as a hobby, and it eventually turned into full-time rescue work, and then into a non-profit organization. 


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Right now, Luvable Dog Rescue isn’t limited to rescuing pit bulls. Liesly Wilhardt says of the dogs and their non-profit:

“(They) don’t have to be afraid, because they will be safe and loved. It’s amazing how quickly they get that message — from us, and from other dogs [at the shelter].

“Dogs are able to communicate that to one another, that they are in safe, good place. The healing power of this place has done miracles for some of the dogs. It’s something special about the place, but also about dogs knowing they’re in a good place and telling the new dogs.”

‘Luvable’ is constantly innovating

They now have a “pit bull palace”, which is basically a larger cottage for pit bull rescues. The smaller cottages will be used by smaller dogs who are able to live with other breeds. However, bully breed dogs will live in a space that’s suitable for them.


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They soon hope to open a maternity ward for pit bull mothers, because this population is at a high risk of euthanization. A lot of time, these pregnant dogs can only survive at shelters if other shelters with more resources can care for said dogs. 

The amazing thing about Luvable’s cottages are that they almost resemble real-life homes so these dogs have a glimpse of what it’s like to be in a loving household. It gives these dogs hope. 


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With the help of Sophie Gamand’s photography, Luvable Dog Rescue gained traction via social media. Sophie Gamand is an award-winning photographer who took photos of the Pit Bulls up for adoption. Her portraits help families and individuals looking for suitable dogs to see which one they might take a liking to. Not only that, but her pit bull portraits in particular definitely make them look less threatening and smashes the stereotype that pit bulls are vicious creatures.  Her models all wear flower crowns and are photographed like so, because Sophie Gamand found Luvable’s location as an idyllic, fairy-tale like environment. Luvable is definitely not your run-of-the-mill shelter.

If you want to volunteer or adopt a dog, you can easily do so via Luvable’s website

Sure, for some people the whole premise of Luvable Dog Rescue might seem like a gimmick. But for a lot of advocates of dog adoption, this is still a positive thing for rescued dogs. What do you think about these cottages? A gimmick or a good thing? Share your thoughts at the comments section below.  

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