15 Dog Vacation Tips That Show Us How To Kick Back


I feel like it has been forever since I’ve had a vacation. In fact, so long ago, that I’m not sure I would even know how to kick back while I was on vacation. However, I can definitely take some lessons from these 15 canines who know exactly how to kick back while on vacation. So let’s sit back and enjoy these wonderful dog vacation tips from these delightful canines.

Dog Vacation Tip Number One: Slow Down And Enjoy The Journey

Don’t dismiss the journey…it can be as amazing as the destination.

Often, when we are out on vacation, it is all about getting to the destination. However, there is a lot to enjoy along the way, especially if you are heading out by car. 

Instead of zipping along to parts unknown as quickly as possible, take the path less traveled. Gradually find your way to your destination.

Along the way, take the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery that is there for you to take in. Just like this happy canine is doing. Clearly, he is enjoying the journey as much as he’ll enjoy the destination. Which is an excellent tip that everyone can take to heart. 

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