Mange and Loneliness – A Puppy’s Long Way to an Amazing Recovery


Petri was born on a mountain by a stray mum, in a suburb of Athens, Greece, who had never been in contact with humans ever. The life of those stray puppies wandering the mountains is the life of a wild animal. Yes, they are puppies, they are man’s best friend, but they don’t know it and trying to force them to realise who they are by stifling them will result to having a sad, frightened animal not knowing why it is there, what all this attention means and what its purpose in life could possibly be. If Petri was treated the wrong way, he would be facing a life of sadnes and constant fear of everything. He was afraid of everything because he had know nothing, and he needed to be introduced to the world again, from the beginning and in the right way. He was rescued by SPAZ and after he recovered from mange and ehrlichia, he was taken to foster care, where he was under the supervision of a dog trainer. His promote mum helped him overcome his fears, and had him re-introduced to the world again. Today he is a happy, social puppy, and he has been adopted! If you wish to support the organization’s effort to help more puppies like him, you can donate via PayPal: info @spazgreece. gr

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