Meet Ricochet, the Golden Retriever Surfing for a Cause Part 2

By Miranda Moore | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-27

Here is the continuation of Ricochet’s story.

For a time, Ricochet found success in dog surfing competitions. But she gave up surfing competitively to concentrate on her work with people. That is one kind dog, if that is the case.

Now she takes part in an autism surf camp during the summer months and recently headed up a new program working with army veterans and children.
Ricochet’s owner told the Daily Mail:

‘We had a 10-year-old boy who used to be afraid of dogs and water and he’s come such a long way and now he’s helping other kids.

Ricochet also works with a volunteer organization called Best Day also helping children with special needs.

Todd Gasparik, a Best Day organizer, said: ‘She makes our jobs easier because when Ricochet is around the kids are drawn.

Kevin Carter,a fellow Best Day volunteer, said: ‘Ricochet makes children more comfortable.

‘When they see a dog out there that can surf, they think, hey, I can do that too.’

Judy is now preparing for the arrival of a golden retriever Labrador mix puppy next month, which she hopes will join Ricochet in her legacy.

She said: ‘They’re called Superpower dogs for a reason. I hope the puppy can help people in the way Ricochet has.

‘I believe dogs are here to teach us lessons. I’ll wait to see if the puppy wants to surf, but I’m interested to see what she’s bringing to our lives and what she’s offering.’

I’m sure we all be excited to see what Judy’s new Labrador mix puppy will bring to the table. Even if the puppy doesn’t surf, I’m sure the pup will find some way to help out. Maybe the new puppy can skateboard. Then they can cover water and land! It’s the dog version of Rocket Power! Sorry if anyone didn’t get that Nickelodeon reference.

Being disabled myself, I wish I could go meet Ricochet. Even if I am unable to work up the courage to try to surf, I would just really love to see her in action. And I do know I could never work up the courage. I am also looking forward to the Super Power dogs movie. I really want to check it out. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

It is really good to see a community reaching out and getting recognition for it. Not to mention, it does make a great topic for a documentary type film. Of course, Ricochet will be sharing the spotlight with some other amazing dogs as well.

So, I would recommend seeing this film whether you want to see some amazing feats, or if you just really love dogs. I wonder if cats will ever get on this action. Anyone ever heard of service cats?

Is the Super Power dogs movie something you would be interested in? Will you be looking out for it? What do you think of Ricochet’s work? Have you ever come across some amazing dogs yourself? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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