Are You Using The Leash Right? Basic Tips Everyone Should Know


Alright, most of you probably thought “Is there a wrong way to use a leash?!” And how many ways of using a leash are there? Well, you’ll be surprised.

A dog leash has been one of the main tools to control dogs for centuries. Even in our times with professional dog trainers, we are required to have dogs on a leash in public places to ensure the safety of the others.

Even though we’ve mastered this tool long ago, dog owners have a lot of difficulties in controlling their pets. Those owning a German Shepherds will find it hard to steer them into the direction you want or stop them from simply pulling you on a leash wherever they want to go.

Rest assured, every dog owner goes through the same problem at one point or another. It’s only that some dog owners are far more experienced, some breed of dogs learn better, but, ultimately, you can teach your dog how to walk on a leash.

Walking Dogs
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One of the most basic things you’ll have to buy as a dog owner is a dog collar. 

There are, basically, two types of dog collars. A collar for the dog labels/names and a choke collar for training. While having a dog collar for labels is needed as most states need dog tags, a choke collar might not be the right option for the inexperienced dog owner. Choke collars, when even correctly placed on your dog, can, in fact, harm their throat. Particularly if your dog carries on pulling and tugging on the leash. No matter the size of the dog – incidents like these are very common.

Moving to a dog leash for walking is your best and safest option to correct any bad behavior during walks

Dog leashes come in an assortment of styles and finding the right one to resolve the dilemma can seem confusing. Not any dog leash will work to teach your dog to walk correctly alongside you. There are leashes that are attached to the dog’s back and torso. However, taking into account the size and strength a German Shepherd can acquire in a matter of months – you’ll simply end up running behind your GSD and being pulled to whatever destination the dog decided on.

Another kind of dog leashes is attached right in front at the chest level.

When your dog pulls and tries to take off, the leash zaps the strength from your dog’s front legs making it almost impossible for them to do anything, but walk. A ‘No Pull’ dog leash is definitely the best option for the seemingly uncontrollable dogs. This harness comes in a wide range of sizes to suit your particular breed of dog and a simple how-to instruction book.

The main thing in using the leash is to control your own power

If you apply too much strength to the pull you’ll start choking the dog which is the last resort. Only in cases of emergency can you use this kind of method to control the dog. In all other scenarios it’s better to select a good ‘no-pull’ leash. Gradually introduce your dog to walking alongside you in a manner that will suit you.