With our ultra-connected, high technology culture, there exists a niche in the pet business that’s growing at an impressive speed: technology for dogs.

Therefore it is no real surprise that there is an increasing number of ever more sophisticated gadgets for the dogs hitting the marketplace. We’re simply obsessed with our pets and our technology, and even more so with the combination of the two. Keeping course of one’s daily activity is all as easy as it ever was right now. And this tendency has extended to our dogs. With all the apps available – all you need is a phone, and you get an insight into your dog’s life like never before.

Dezeen Dezeen

Whistle has quickly become one of the most popular methods to monitor your dog’s exercise 24/7.

You get a little device that clips to your dog collar, it displays and logs when the dog is up and running and also notifies you once he’s resting. You can compare your dog exercise to other dogs of the same breed, age and weight and even learn how he ranks among them! You’re able to set targets for everyday action to keep your puppy be healthy.

Whistle has even combined with another fitness app – Jawbone, to ensure you can track your very own physical fitness and compare it to your dog’s activity. It’ll show you how your dog enhances your physical fitness life, and vice-versa.

Similar to Whistle, an app called FitBark looks at your dog’s activity level – how much time your dog spends at their usual levels of energy, compares your dog to other dogs of similar breeds to assess energy levels, shares information with your veterinarian, and factors in information out of your very own human physical fitness tracker to find dependencies or interesting correlations.

Using fitness tracking apps allows you to see just how active is your dog at any time of the day. 

You can check if your dog is doing any sort of exercising, even if you’re away at work. Talk about micromanagement! 

Tagg, is an app that allows you to see where your dog is – particularly helpful for dogs that have a tendency to be escape artists – and also tracks exercise information.

In case your dog isn’t receiving enough exercise or is not sleeping well, you should change the habits before it leads to health problems.

The tool to help you here is called Voyce. Not only does Voyce monitor when and how much your dogs is moving around, but it also tracks vital signs including heart speed, respiratory speed, and even calories burnt! All of these details go into understanding the complete image of your dog wellness. The app helps to figure out if your dog is having any issues, like heart or breathing problems, without even going to the vet. 

Thanks to these tech advances we can now feel much safer and connected not only with each other but also with our beloved pets.

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