Stevie Nicks Got Famous By Telling Her Story Of (Almost) Giving Up


The song “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks is one of her most well-known songs and it almost never came to be. Before she became the vocalist for Fleetwood Mac, Nicks was considering calling it quits. The song was about this decision to push forward.

Stevie Nicks | Photo Credit The Stranger

A few failures planted a seed of doubt and destroyed her initial confidence. She felt like her dreams were slipping away. But while waiting for Lindsay Buckingham in Aspen, she did some self-searching and found another speck of confidence.

The iconic song “Landslide” meant she was all in. She no longer wanted to consider a backup plan. It was all or nothing.

Stevie Nicks Song Inspired By Doubt

In 1973, Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham believed their album would be a smash success. They were sure that their day jobs were coming to an end after they recorded a few songs in a studio and met a few famous people.

But soon after, the Buckingham Nicks album was dropped by the label. This is what led the duo to Aspen for reflection and contemplation. There, Stevie Nicks started to work on a song that would actually change her life.

Her day job as a cleaning lady and waitress actually was about to end.

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